Homemade croissant, freshly baked, are a real triumph. The hardest part is to keep yourself from over indulging! 

Croissant 32kr

Almond croissant 35kr

Pain au chocolat 35kr

Fondant croissant 29kr

The small bun is a sweet bread flavoured with cardamom. They are as important as the coffee or tea. Our buns stay true to the original Norwegian recipe. 

Sjokolade boller 32kr 

Rosin boller 32kr

Hvete boller 32kr

It is a sweet classic and just for that, we love it perfectly light and fluffy. As classic as can be, they are also the ultimate breakfast treat. 

Kanelsnurr 32kr

Discover our tastiest Vienese bread. What makes Vienna bread different from french or italian bread is the enrichment of the dough. Vienese 32kr

Everybody loves chocolate brownies and cute cookies, they are a great sweet treat for sharing with friends or just keep them all to yourself!

Brownie 39kr

Kjeks 27kr