The classic french croissant smothered in bechamel sauce. Is not just a ham and cheese croissant made. It is toasted and famous. This tale of the croissant creation dates back to the year 1901 in a Paris brasserie.
Croissant sandwich 55kr

To make the perfect quiche is simplicity. It is a good solution to any meal dilemma from dinner parties to suppers. Try Maison Grabot’s ham and cheese, Onion-cheese and four cheeses quiche.

Ost-skinke quiche 64kr

Løk quiche 64kr

Fire oster quiche 64kr 

It is a provence bread very popular all over France, It is a cousin of the italian focaccia. One of the yummiest breads.

Ost-skinke fougasse:72kr

Fire oster fougasse: 72kr

Løk fougasse: 72kr

This ham and cheese sandwich mantains its healthful profile between 7-korn bread. It can be served either hot or cold. The bread makes the difference in this classic snack.

Ost-skinke sandwich små 50kr 
Ost-skinke sandwich stør 60kr