The country-style bread is a typically artisan type of bread. It fills the bakery with its aroma of freshly baked every morning. We consider it the king of all breads. It remains fresher longer owing to its thick crust and large size. 49kr Rundstykker 15kr 


Multi-grain bread can be important part of a healthy diet and  an excellent way to eat more whole grains. The loaf contains seven different types of grains, which distinguishes it from whole-wheat bread. 49kr Rundstykker 15kr 

Soft, tender bread with the nutty flavor of oats. The ingredients are simple and great for those avoiding dairy products, since it is made with water. 49kr Rundstykker 15kr 


This is our best white bread for sandwiches, seafood soup and toasts. We developed it to match with our childhood memory of our favourite bread. A soft, light and airy one to enjoy with family on weekend meals. 39kr Rundstykker 15kr

We are working to make a gluten free bread soon.